It just keeps…… getting. …. better



It just keeps…… getting. …. better

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Monster Hunter Illustrations 2 Now Available in comic book stores!
Available in book stores and from online retailers soon!

Find a comic store near you | Buy at Amazon.com  |  Where to Buy UDON Books?

Monster Hunter Illustrations is back with a new mammoth-sized 400 page artwork collection! Monster Hunter Illustrations 2 covers all the third generation Monster Hunter games including Monster Hunter Tri 3, Monster Hunter Tri 3G, and Monster Hunter Portable 2nd, and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

Included in this collection:

- creature designs & roughs
- character designs and roughs
- armor and weapons desgins
- environment designs and paintings
- compendium of symbol designs and drawings
- commentary by the Monster Hunter teams throughout the book!

For hardcore fans, this book collects both the B&W and Colour Monster Hunter Illustrations 2 books into one massive book! It completely translates every aspect of these books into English, including hand-written notes from the artists and designers!

UDON’s first Monster Hunter Illustrations collection sold out in record time, and has recently been reprinted to accommodate demand! Don’t miss out on Monster Hunter Illustrations 2! Available now in comic book stores across North America and the UK, and through online booksellers and in bookstores soon.

Monster Hunter Illustrations coverALSO AVAILABLE: UDON recently reprinted the original, sold-out Monster Hunter Illustrations book! Get your copy RIGHT NOW!

Monster Hunter Illustrations: In Stock at All Vendors!
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Available Now!
Price: $49.99
ISBN-10: 192677888X
ISBN-13: 978-1926778884
Page Count: 400 Pages, Colour
Size: 11.75” x 8.25”

These are some gorgeous books, and are a great resource for artists and cosplayers. Please support this official release and purchase a book if you can!


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Cat: *whiny meow*

Me: *imitates sarcastically*

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breathe if im your favorite blog

thank you

do a triple backflip if I’m not

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